2023 Marketing Trends to Plan For

by Kelly Sullivan

Increasing inflation, the threat of a recession, and a shift in the ways that consumers are spending their money means that your marketing strategies will likely shift in 2023.

In the last couple of years, the ways in which companies market themselves have evolved so much that if you are not up to snuff with the latest tools and tactics, your sales could take a serious hit. Today’s consumers expect brands to provide them with a unique and personalized experience from start to finish. 

Adjusting to the constantly changing marketing arena means leveraging technology to match consumer behavior. Buying from ethical companies whose values match their own is more important than ever to consumers, and they are no longer just looking for a quality product, they are also taking into consideration your message and your mission.

Plan your marketing strategies accordingly in 2023 to maximize engagement and sales! Here are the top marketing trends brands should watch out for in 2023. 

Influencer Brand Relationships

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the years, it’s that referral marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there. People are more likely to try a product or service if someone they know and trust recommends it. 

Bring this powerful marketing tool into 2023 and you get influencer marketing, which involves a collaboration between a brand and an individual with a large online following. When brands collaborate with influencers, they create the opportunity to expand brand awareness and gain new customers from the influencer’s audience. 

If you’re intimidated by the idea of influencer marketing, consider working with a micro-influencer. Micro-influencers are social media promoters with a smaller following than a regular influencer, usually anywhere from the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands. Although their following is somewhat smaller, they still receive high levels of engagement and have a higher KLT factor (Know, Like and Trust). 

Working with influencers also isn’t as expensive as it seems. Most creators are paid less than $100 US per post. So don’t sleep on this one!

Influencer @cleanfoodiecravings partnered with @balancedbites to bring curated content to her Instagram page, where she shares her favorites from the meal service on her story.

Live Streaming and Video Based Content

Video-based content is proving to be a huge area of focus for social media marketing. Video content can capture a viewer’s attention for longer, as opposed to static posts. Think about how much TikTok and Instagram reels have exploded. Marketers are using shorter videos to drive engagement and increase brand awareness.

According to Wyzowl research, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 92% value it as an important part of their strategy. Consider utilizing free social media business accounts for inspiration to get started.

Improved User Experiences Across Devices

User experience, also known as UX, refers to how a person feels when interacting with a system. Making sure your consumers have a positive experience when using your platforms ensures that all of their needs get met, which keeps them loyal to your product or company. 

If you read our guest blog “Do You Really Need a Website?”, you’d know that your website is one of the most valuable marketing assets you have. Its usability will make or break your sales funnel when it comes time to convert engagement into sales. Keep the layout simple and easy to navigate, and don’t add too much text or information on the home page so as not to overwhelm anyone who visits your site, whether that be on a mobile device or a desktop.

Rethinking Content Value

In recent years, consumer demand for meaningful, curated content has increased significantly. But it’s not just about the quantity, it’s also about the quality of content being produced. Having content that provides value to prospects and customers is more important than ever.

As we mentioned before, consumers seek to buy products or services from brands that share their values. New poll research commissioned by Google Cloud found that a staggering 82% of shoppers want a brand’s values to align with their own. Consumers are willing to act on this sentiment, with three-quarters of the shoppers surveyed saying they had parted ways with a brand over a conflict in values.

Create curated content that shows not just what you’re selling, but why you exist. Here’s a great video on selling the “why” of your product or service to get you started. 

Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Social media strategies are dominating the marketing world, and many companies are now utilizing the platforms for customer service as well. More than a quarter of marketers are now using direct messages (DM’s) to offer customer support, and 15% of marketers plan to try it for the first time in 2023.

Consumers want to communicate with brands via DM’s — especially the Millennial and Gen Zers. This is an easy and efficient way to communicate with your customers. Keep in mind, though, that falling short on communication is not a good look for your brand. If this is the route you choose to go, make sure you have someone dedicated to checking DM’s and responding within a timely fashion.

Don’t let your fear of the unknown hold you back in 2023. Choose the options that work best for your brand, and get to strategizing! Your ROI will thank you. Happy planning!

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