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We believe that business education should be easily accessible for everyone at an affordable price. In addition to our business programming, we train community organizations such as schools, libraries, and nonprofits in how to better serve labor-intensive businesses such as the skilled trades, home health care providers, artists, and food businesses. Our favorite way to work with clients is to support them in achieving their community and economic goals.

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Skill Building Workshops

  • Focused on specific operational or decision making skills, such as writing a job description, creating a pricing strategy, or building a spreadsheet
  • Participants leave with a process they can implement in their business immediately 
  • Can be presented as a one time occurrence or as part of a series 
  • Can be based on one of our courses or chosen from our current presentation catalog
  • Available in person or virtually

Professional Development

  • Focused on training organizations on how to work with small businesses and their owners
  • Created in conjunction with the organizer to meet the needs of their audience
  • Can be included as part of a subscription package

Keynote Speeches

These focus on practical solutions for making entrepreneurship easier. Typically, we present to industry groups, business funding organizations, small business conferences, and economic development summits. 

  • Previous topics have included
  • Making grants more accessible to small businesses
  • Impacts of changing technology on small business operations
  • Balancing wages with rising costs of living in small businesses
  • Hiring family members and successfully building a family-owned business

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