Connect with Our Community

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Even if you have a team, there are some decisions that you have to make on your own. If you’re a solopreneur, it’s even easier to reach decision fatigue and wonder what comes next in your business. That’s why we have regular events where you can connect with other entrepreneurs and have the support of a wider community. 

With twice weekly virtual coworking and monthly webinars, we’re here to help you grow your network while you grow your business. (Click here to skip straight to upcoming webinars)


A lot of people ask us: what is virtual coworking? “I thought coworking was where you rent a desk and sometimes get coffee?” And they’re right – physical coworking spaces are popping up all over to give entrepreneurs a space to work that isn’t an office or their house. 

Our coworking is a little different.  We provide a virtual space for you to get work done, with built in accountability and a little bit of time for networking. Each session is split between work sessions (where you focus on your business), and networking with other businesses (where you can meet prospective clients, referral partners, and team members). It’s also a great time to chat with Outgrow Your Garage staff. 

Most of our programming is recorded and asynchronous. But sometimes, you just need to talk to a person.  Maybe you have a question about our programming or one of our courses. Perhaps you want a little more information about how our subscription program works or you saw us speak and can’t remember a resource we mentioned. Whatever it is, Outgrow Your Garage staff is available to answer your questions about what we do and how we do it. 

Best of all, coworking sessions are completely free! Check the Event Calendar below for upcoming dates.

Benefits of Coworking

  • Working with other people provides built-in accountability. 
  • Working with other small business owners creates a safe space to ask questions and learn from each other
  • Calendar blocked time to work on your admin tasks

We use kumospace for coworking because…

  • It’s similar to working in a real room or coffee shop.
  • You can work in small groups or independently
  • We have a designated space for you to meet with Outgrow Your Garage staff about questions
  • We can create different work spaces for different work styles. Do you like the sounds of nature while you work? Music? Quiet? We’ve got a space for you. 
  • Want more information? Explore our coworking guide here.


Monthly Webinars

Every month, we put on a workshop focusing on a specific skill to grow your business. Whether we’re teaching the basics of spreadsheets or building the About Me section of your website, participants leave with a completed project and actionable steps for what’s next.  

So how do they work? Our workshops are split between content and application, just like our online courses. We’ll do a few minutes of teaching a concept, and then you’ll spend a few minutes applying it to your business. At the end of the session, you’ll have a usable skill or piece of content for your business.

Click on any webinar below to learn more and sign up!

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Planning For Growth: Crafting Your Future Business Roadmap

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