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One of our favorite questions from service providers is, “Do I really need a portfolio?”

The answer is yes! There are a few reasons why a portfolio is one of the most important tools in your sales kit. Download our free worksheet to find out why.

One of the first steps in the hiring process is determining whether or not you can afford it.

With our 5-step worksheet, you can get in control of your company’s future and find the perfect balance between covering your costs and maximizing profits.

Making the call between hourly or flat-rate billing for your projects can be a lot to decide. On one hand, hourly offers flexibility for unexpected twists, while a flat rate provides that comforting revenue certainty.

We’re here to help you make the best choice for your business so pricing is a breeze!

Choosing the right vendor for your needs can be a strategic game-changer. In this worksheet, we’ll guide you through the process of effectively searching for a vendor and determining the best match for your requirements.

Let’s streamline the selection process and ensure you make an informed decision in hiring the perfect vendor!