Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Library Partnership

At Outgrow Your Garage, we understand that libraries are more than just repositories of books; they are thriving community hubs where entrepreneurs come to fuel their knowledge. However, we recognize the unique challenges libraries face in catering to entrepreneurs, especially when librarians may not have formal business training.

Libraries, particularly in rural and small communities, often find themselves stretched thin, with staff wearing multiple hats. While these community institutions boast a wealth of resources for entrepreneurs, there is a gap in effectively directing them toward these valuable assets. Outgrow Your Garage is here to bridge that gap.

Our Solutions

Course Subscriptions

Libraries can subscribe to our courses, offering entrepreneurs an invaluable resource for self-paced learning. Courses are downloadable in various formats, allowing community members to access them both at the library and through the library portal to continue their entrepreneurial journey at their own pace.

Professional Development Workshops

We offer professional development workshops tailored for library staff. Equip your team with the business knowledge they need to guide entrepreneurs effectively and connect with other business resources in your communities.

Entrepreneur Workshops

Librarians can run targeted workshops based on our extensive course library. For example, many libraries lead a budgeting workshop using our interactive course material, fostering a hands-on learning experience for business owners. Alternately, libraries can choose a workshop from our catalog and Outgrow Your Garage can teach it virtually or in-person.

Why Choose Outgrow Your Garage?

Outgrow Your Garage offers a unique and comprehensive solution for libraries seeking to empower their communities with entrepreneurial knowledge. Here’s why investing in our services is a strategic and impactful decision:

Diverse and Tailored Programming

Outgrow Your Garage is dedicated to continually adding new, small-business-focused programming. Unlike generic platforms such as Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, our courses are interactive, blending concept teaching with real-world application. This ensures that entrepreneurs gain practical skills crucial for success in their ventures.

Consistent Quality Through In-House Production

All our courses are developed in-house, ensuring a consistently high standard of quality across the board. This commitment translates into reliable and engaging content, providing patrons with a valuable learning experience.

Personalized Support and Engagement

Outgrow Your Garage goes beyond just course access. Patrons benefit from direct access to our office hours and coworking sessions, providing them with personalized support as they navigate through the learning material. This unique feature sets us apart from other online learning platforms.

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Comprehensive Usage Reports

Libraries receive in-depth reports on patron usage and completion rates. These detailed analytics empower libraries with valuable insights into the effectiveness of the programs, enabling informed decision-making and optimization of resources.

Feature Customization and Ongoing Support

Libraries can request new features at any time, ensuring that our platform evolves to meet the changing needs of the community. Our commitment doesn’t end with the subscription; we provide ongoing support to ensure that libraries maximize the benefits of our platform.

Community Impact and Economic Growth

On a broader community level, entrepreneurship is increasingly crucial for creating wage stability post-layoffs. By meeting the needs of community members who have been laid off and in turn, recently became entrepreneurs, libraries contribute to growing the overall tax base, supporting rural communities with limited employment options, and providing resources for communities experiencing economic downturns.

Program Cost

Outgrow Your Garage library pricing is based on the number of registered users for a given library. Libraries can purchase a course subscription or workshop subscription independently, or bundle them together for a discount. We also offer discounts if your library is a member of a subscribing consortium and for libraries serving a significant number of low income patrons. You can request a specific quote for your library here.

Choosing Outgrow Your Garage isn’t just an investment in education; it’s an investment in the economic resilience and prosperity of your community. Join us in fostering a culture of entrepreneurship that will have a lasting positive impact on the individuals and businesses within your library’s reach.