Community and Economic Partnerships

At the heart of every thriving community is a vibrant business landscape that fuels economic growth and job creation. At Outgrow Your Garage, we understand the pivotal role businesses play in shaping a community’s prosperity. That’s why we’ve designed our program to empower and support businesses of all sizes, in a variety of communities. Here’s how we can help you contribute to the economic development in your communities.

What We Offer

Online and downloadable courses for business owners looking to grow

Virtual and in-person workshops for entrepreneurs

Professional development and program assistance for organizations supporting small businesses

Presentations and keynote talks for summits, conferences, and other events

Focusing on the Long Term

The goal of most businesses is to last over a long period of time – but most businesses fail in the first five years. Our programming focuses on helping businesses build processes, increasing their chance of success through the first growth stage when they have the fewest resources available. When we build a course or workshop, our first question is: how will the business owner use this concept as they scale? This way, our programming acts as a ladder that businesses build as needed.

We also know that businesses are strapped for time. That’s why all of our programming is designed to fit into business life. All courses are downloadable and broken into short modules. Entrepreneurs can read, watch, or listen to course content and do the related activities from anywhere, whether that’s from their truck between client meetings or cooking dinner. Additional resources are listed in a separate document that we can easily update or tailor to a given area, which helps us keep our programming up to date without needing to redo a full course.

When we work with organizations to create business programming, we bring the same attention to the long term. One of our key skills is building educational materials that don’t need regular updating – which means that if you have a grant funded project, we can help ensure the materials you build can be used long after the grant period without additional funding or significant staff resources. This is especially vital for communities with specific economic goals in mind, and where information about business resources changes frequently.

Use Cases

  • Technical Assistance and Workforce Development: Outgrow Your Garage courses offer examples for a variety of technical skill levels, including low to no-tech options for solving operations and hiring logistics.
  • Lending Institutions and CDFIs: Courses and workshops help business owners delpoy capital more effectively, and increase repayment rates
  • Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations: Our workshop subscription simplifies ongoing learning, providing a hassle-free monthly lunch and learn option for your members. Our course subscription allows for offline learning, with members able to grow their business on their own schedule.
  • Small Business Development Centers: Our workshops focus on specific growth skills, complementing the abundance of workshops on business launches, while our courses provide opportunities for further learning.
  • Groups Working with Recent Immigrants: Our courses aid integration into the American business system and teach essential business vocabulary.
  • Coworking Spaces and Incubators: Our facilitated coaching subscription offers themed monthly sessions, providing extra support for business growth.

Why Choose Outgrow Your Garage?

Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

We take pride in being a women-owned business, contributing positively to government spending statistics on women-owned enterprises.

Comprehensive Support

We provide all marketing materials and handouts for our workshops, simplifying the process for your team and enhancing the overall experience for participants.

Efficiency Through Integration

Organizations can seamlessly integrate our curricula into existing programs, extending their reach without additional effort or staffing requirements.

Continuous Learning and Growth

We consistently update our offerings with 8-10 new courses each year, ensuring your organization has access to vetted programming that aligns with current best practices.

Zero Sales Pressure

We operate as partners for your programs, and never sell directly to your constituents. While we do offer some consulting services, these are targeted at helping your staff develop effective programming for the long term. The resources we provide during a workshop are typically either free to participants, local to your area, or both.

Join us in cultivating thriving communities through sustainable business development. Together, let’s build a future of economic prosperity and job creation. Book a discovery call today to learn more.