Staff Highlight: Jessi Burg

by Kelly Sullivan

This week’s blog post brings a fun Q&A about the founder of Outgrow Your Garage, Jessi Burg!

Keep reading for a more in depth look at what a unique day in the life of Jessi looks like.

Q: Where did you grow up, and what was it like?

A: I grew up in Southampton, Pennsylvania, which is just outside of Philadelphia. It’s a very suburban town, but since it’s so close to Philly I was able to selectively spend time in the big city. I realized that big city life definitely isn’t for me.

Q: Which do you prefer, oceans or mountains? Why?

A: Mountains, hands down. They’re really pretty, and I love in the summertime how much cooler it is up there. I love hiking with my spouse and my dog. Even though the ocean is also pretty, I find the big expanse of it kind of creepy. I’m more comforted by the mountains.

Q: How would you spend your days if you had unlimited time and resources?

A: I already do the things I love! I like my job, I take vacation whenever I want, I like the farm I just bought and being able to take care of it. This IS how I would spend my time!

Q: If you could live in another historical period, would you? If so, which one?

A: As a woman, absolutely not. We weren’t even allowed to open our own bank account without a husband’s signature until the 70’s! We’re still fighting for equal rights – so no thank you! 

Q: What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge right now?

A: To be honest, there are always weird things in my fridge. The weirdest thing right now is probably sourdough starter or homemade pickled ginger. We usually have some sort of science experiment going on in there.

Q: You’re cooking for the whole team. What is your signature dish?

A: If we’re talking breakfast, then I make a mean hash with potatoes, eggs, cheese and any veggies I have on hand. For dinner, I’m a big fan of gnocchi!

Q: What was your first-ever job?

A: Probably babysitting, which I started doing pretty young. I also worked in a print shop when I was 12, which was my first real paycheck. I ran the stitcher, which is what you put the brochures into to staple them together, and also the folder, which folds up the brochures. 

Q: If you could pick up a new skill in an instant, what would it be?

A: The ability to learn new languages easily. I admire those who have a knack for this.

Q: What’s the worst job you ever had?

A: My least favorite job was the last one I worked at before I started Pears to Perennials. It was my first real office job, and my boss micro-managed everything even though no one had a good idea of what I was supposed to be doing. There wasn’t enough work to be done, but I still had to keep showing up to do nothing, which I couldn’t stand. This job made me realize that I wasn’t built to work in an office.

Q: What’s your favorite self-care activity?

A: I recently bought a farm, so going out and working on the farm is really pretty and relaxing for me. I also love yoga.

Q: What’s something you couldn’t live without?

A: Copious amounts of time outside, which is why I decided to move to western Colorado. I get to constantly look at pretty flowers and plants, and I get to work outside a lot.

Q: What’s in your ideal sandwich?

A: I’m really into curried chickpeas with raisins, pickled onions, fresh lettuce, and some juicy in-season tomatoes.

Q: What fictional world would you most like to live in?

A: I’m a big fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I like the idea that no matter where you go, there’s a friendly little guide book telling you what to do. 

Q: Name a healthy food you enjoy and an unhealthy one you find hard to resist.

A: I really like overnight oats, because they’re so easy to throw together but also super filling and nutritionally dense. I also have a solid weakness for a Snickers bar. When I worked overnights at Celestial Seasonings, I was always going for a Snickers bar at 2 AM.

Q: If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

A: Hard line opinions. I think that there are too many people who can’t accept gray areas, and they think that everything is always black and white. I think more people need to learn how to compromise or see other sides of things.

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