Body Doubling in the Remote Work Era

After the last several years, most of us have accepted that remote work is here to stay. And unless you own commercial real estate in high dollar markets, that’s not a bad thing. Remote work allows for more flexible schedules, less time commuting, and the ability to stay in your PJs as long as you want. On the flip side, it can be lonely. However, amidst this shift towards remote work, individuals are exploring new approaches to enhance productivity, with body doubling coming in as an effective strategy.

What is Body Doubling

What exactly is body doubling? Basically, body doubling involves working near another person without necessarily working with them directly. It’s the virtual equivalent of sharing a workspace, whether it’s a coffee shop, library, or coworking space. This can also be known as virtual coworking or deep work, and allows individuals to engage in an atmosphere of a shared space while working remotely.

Why Does it Work?

Body doubling is effective because of its ability to create a sense of accountability and companionship. This can help to address the chronic loneliness that can accompany remote work. Body Doubling was originally popularized in the neurodivergent community, particularly among individuals with ADHD, and it has proven to be an effective tool for staying focused and completing tasks. By working alongside others, individuals feel a heightened sense of motivation and commitment to their work.

Creating Community

One of the best benefits of body doubling is that it helps to create a sense of community among its participants. In a lot of these sessions, individuals typically share the goals or tasks they would like to accomplish for the session. This shared space creates a supportive environment where accomplishments are celebrated collectively. Over time, regular attendees of these sessions develop familiarity and camaraderie, further enriching the collaborative experience.

Various types of body doubling groups cater to different preferences and needs. Some groups, like Outgrow Your Garge Coworking, offer free virtual coworking sessions open to all. On the other hand, platforms such as Flown or Focusmate provide paid memberships with additional features and benefits. Additionally, drop-in groups like Flow Club cater to niche demographics, ensuring that individuals can find communities that resonate with their backgrounds and objectives.

How to Find Sessions and Groups

Finding a body doubling group that suits your needs is relatively straightforward. A quick online search for “virtual coworking” will give you numerous options to explore. It’s important to keep in mind factors such as the group’s focus, membership requirements, and schedule compatibility to make sure you are getting the experience you want. For example, if you’re a small business owner, you probably don’t want to join a group for college kids who need help studying. Platforms like Eventbrite, Facebook, and LinkedIn often host events with virtual coworking communities, making it easier to join and build a network.

So there you have it! Body doubling offers a solution to the challenges of remote work. It combines productivity with social connection in a virtual setting. The power of shared accountability and community support helps to succeed in your professional endeavors while still experiencing the flexibility of remote work. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or corporate professional, incorporating body doubling into your routine can prove to be a game-changer in the modern workplace.

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