Balancing a Busy Schedule

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Hello! My name is Catherine O’Donnell, and I am the Education Research Intern here at Outgrow Your Garage. I am 18 and have just graduated high school. This month, I’ll be writing all four blogs as a Young Entrepreneur series! In addition to OYG, I also work on AdvancEducation, which is a project to develop and provide advanced science coursework for rural, under-funded high schools that offer few or no advanced classes. The first step in developing this is to create a course. I have started creating an advanced biology course as I enjoy and understand biology. 

Many entrepreneurs have a very busy schedule. If you’re young, like me, you might be a full-time student, balancing a high school or college schedule with extracurriculars, personal obligations, and your entrepreneurial adventures. Or, whether you’re young or not, you might have a day job you have to balance with your entrepreneurial adventures. Either way, it can be hard to focus on your business when you have other things going on. 

Here’s how I work around a busy schedule:

  1. Prioritization
  • By prioritizing your responsibilities, you can place your business ahead of other things that ultimately are not as important to you. 
  1. Planning
  • If you have a plan, and you know what to work on next, you’ll need less time to get things down. You won’t have to spend the first fifteen minutes figuring out what to do. You’ll be able to just jump right into it.

And, remember, progress is progress. Sometimes, with a busy schedule, a little is all you can do. If something is worth spending an hour on, but you don’t have an hour, it’s also worth spending 10 minutes on. 

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