Our Subscription Pilot Program is here!

With our programming you can:
-Assign specific courses to your clients
-Use courses as client education
-Mix and match modules to design custom curricula

What’s it all about?

At each level, subscribing organizations have access to some or all of our course catalog, for a certain number of seats. Subscribers manually enroll their clients into our courses, who then complete the courses on their own or with the subscriber. Once a client has completed the courses, the subscriber can unenroll that client to use that seat for someone else.

How to use our programming

Bookkeepers use our finance courses as a way to educate their clients on business spending and saving

Business coaches use our courses as action plans to complement strategic planning sessions

Marketing consultants use our sales and marketing courses as onboarding sessions for new clients, ensuring that everyone is using the same language for planning and goal setting

Lenders use our courses as a way to help small businesses organize their finances

** We are offering a 50% discount for our early adopters! **

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