Communications: Client communication. Getting your clients and staff on the same page.
  • Do you want to be recognized as reliable, professional, and consistent?
  • Don’t make the mistake of poor client communication!
  • Create efficient systems for initial client contact, communication around the job, and post-job communication.

Module Presentation Videos

Each course includes a slideshow presentation, which includes spoken audio and closed captioning.

Accessible Formatting

All of our courses include spoken presentation slideshows, closed captioning, and written transcripts, and audio files. 

Hands-On Activities

Modules include activities in multiple formats (downloadable documents, Google Forms, Google Docs) that help you apply the concepts to your own business.

Downloadable Content

All content is downloadable! On a job site in the middle of nowhere? Catching a flight? Download courses straight to your phone for hassle free learning.

Example Businesses

We use sample businesses in the form of short animated videos to help you compare the course concepts to real world businesses.